Zooppy Video League: How to Play & Win Live Cash

Zooppy is India’s first online fantasy platform for movie lovers to showcase their knowledge and interest in cinema through quizzes, puzzles, etc. The app provides the opportunity to earn from your passion for movies. 

Follow these 4 easy steps to get started:

1. Get the App

Download the app from our official website zooppy.live (for Android).

*As Google does not allow Fantasy Sports/Games apps that allow you to win money, the app is not currently available in the Play store.

For Apple devices, you can download the app from the App Store.

2. Creating your Multiplex

Tap on “Video League” from the Navigation bar. Before you join any contests, first you need to create a multiplex.

  • Click on “Create Multiplex

You can see a list of 18 YouTube videos, with different video credits for each of them, and 8 blank screens to make your multiplex.

  • Fill the 8 screens of your multiplex with the given YouTube videos

Use your movie knowledge to create a multiplex with the given YouTube videos using a total of 1000 credits.

Add the videos by a tap on the ‘plus’ button given on each video, and also you can remove the video from the screen by tapping on the ‘Remove’ button.

By clicking on the video thumbnail, you can know the video details (channel, subscribers, video released date & time), and most importantly you can check the real-time view count to increase your winning possibility. 

  • Set a tiebreaker by estimating the views of the video provided

A tiebreaker is set to estimate the final views of the featured YouTube video during the contest. When the scores of two users are the same, the tiebreaker is considered to decide the winner. 

You can do this by a tap on the “Add Tiebreaker” button. Pick your tiebreaker value and save the Multiplex.

3. Join a Contest

After creating your multiplex, choose from the list of cash contests from the “All Contests” tab and join the listed contest you like. 

  • Click the “Join Now” button. 
  • Choose a multiplex and confirm payment.

You can create multiple multiplexes per league and choose to join a contest with any of the multiplexes you have created. 

Also, you can make as many changes to your multiplex from the “My Playlists” tab, or swap your multiplex from the contest already joined in the “Joined” contest tab.

4. Winnings & Breakup

The number of views each video on your screen gets on Youtube during the contest is divided by its credits, to get points for that particular screen. Points of all the screens of a multiplex are added together to form a score for that game.

  • Results will be published after the league ends

A perfectly calculated multiplex can increase the chances of winning the league every time you play.

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