Launch of India’s first of its kind online fantasy gaming platform for Movie Lovers

Zooppy, India’s first-ever online fantasy gaming platform for movie lovers, a venture of Kerala-based Quarous Technologies Private Limited, was launched recently. Quarous is led by the passionate tech enthusiasts, Yuva Pushpakar, Jose Thomas, Mefin Davis, Meljo Johnson, Deepak P Uthaman, Athul P Raj and Renjith K Robert, who developed the game. 


Zooppy had the sensational Sunny Leone for its first launch event, which was held in Mumbai on 24 December 2020. The star presented prizes to the winners of the contest held by Zooppy. 

Zooppy app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, is a complete online movie gaming platform, and provides an opportunity for the movie enthusiasts to test their knowledge and skills on the different movie-based games provided in the app, where real cash can be won in the process.

You can choose from different categories like Game League, Bidding and Video League. Game league has sections like i-sense, ABCD and Yes or No.

i-sense is a picture puzzle game, which will have a picture given with jumbled up letters, where you have to guess the actor or movie; ABCD has questions with multiple choice answers, while in Yes or No, you have to decide whether the given statement is true or not.

In bidding, the user has to bid for a product with the lowest unique price. It tests the skills of the user whether they can guess the lowest price of a product.

Video league is a Youtube video-based game, where users can create different multiplexes of their choice, for example, can create up to 8 playlists to join the contests.

An arena for movie fanatics, here it’s intended to create and showcase the knowledge and interest in cinema through quizzes, puzzles etc. Users can also win cash contests of their choice with real cash while competing with others.

So welcome to the gaming world of Zooppy, and keep winning, and get some real cash prizes as well.

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